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  Back to top Why should I choose your reservationless conference call service?

  •  Simple, effective, reliable service for less.

    We offer a unique conference call service to customers around the world. Our numerous options allow users to initiate an affordable phone conference call with people anywhere. You will be provided with a toll free number so your calling attendants don’t have to pay long distance charges. We are a leader in the telecommunication industry with years of experience. Our volume and number of telephone lines enables us to pass this affordable conference call service to our customers.

    Simply log onto our website, to sign up for our superior conference call service. After you have entered your contact information and provided a credit card number, we process your information and send a toll-free phone number, a chairperson entry code and a participant entry code. You can then begin to take advantage of our conference call rate. Once you have received your information, you pass these numbers onto select conference participants to begin your conference call. Get as many members as you wish in a conference by simply providing participants with your assigned entry code. Sign up today, we are one of the few conferencing companies that provides a reliable conference calling services nationwide. You can use your codes and numbers as often as you like, whenever the need arises without the need to sign up again.

Back to top Why is Reservationless conference calling a time saver?

  • When you sign up for a new account with Conferencing For Less, you do everything electronically, you’ll never have to speak to an operator (unless you want to). This is one of the major benefits of our reservationless conference calling setup. Less steps save you valuable time.

Back to top Can anyone join my Reservationless conference call?

  • Yes. You control who has access to your reservationless conference call. All you have to do is provide your participants with the phone number to dial in, and the participant entry code. Setting up a reservationless business conference call has never been easier. That’s one of the reasons why we are the number one reservationless conference call company.

Back to top How soon after I create a new Reservationless phone conference calling account can I start making calls?

  • Just seconds after creating your new reservationless phone conference calling account you’ll receive an email with the phone number and participant entry code. Once you receive this email you can start making conference calls immediately.

Back to top What are your Outbound conference calling rates?

  • Our outbound conference calling rate for domestic calls are 5.9 cents (toll), and 7.9 cents (toll free) per minute, per participant.  We are the outbound conference calling provider with the best rates around.

Back to top Do you have special deals on long distance conference calls?

  • Not per se, but we know that some of you don’t want your participants to pay long distance charges to join your calls. That is why Conferencing For Less provides its customers with toll-free numbers so every participant can join the conference without being charged extra for long distance charges.

Back to top Do you offer fixed low cost conference call plans?

  • Become a member today and you’ll benefit from a simple flat rate that will remain fixed for all of your calls. We are proud to provide low cost, flat rate fees for all your reservationless conference calls. Sign up today.

Back to top Why are you the number one discount conference calling provider?

  • We are the number one discount conference calling provider because we provide quality calling solutions in a secure manner nationwide, FOR LESS. Our 20+ years of telecommunications experience has given us a competitive edge over other conference calling providers.

Back to top Where is my nearest conference calling company?

  • Your nearest conference calling company is just a click away when you visit That’s right, there’s no need to look in the yellow pages, for a conference calling provider. We offer everything you need for your teleconference including security measures to protect your account, convenient payment methods, and virtually limitless participants per conference.

Back to top How long does it take to set up a conference calling account?

  • We have developed service that is so easy to use that you will never need to speak to an operator. All you have to do to setup a conference account is fill out a few lines of our membership sign up form on our site and hit submit. We do the rest...

Back to top What times can I use your conference call services?

  • 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can use our audio conferencing services anytime you wish without notifying us at all.

Back to top Why would I want to use a conference call provider?

  • Many businesses have a phone system that is capable of making limited conference calls, however, they tend to degrade in quality and become cumbersome as more participants are joined. They also don’t have the luxury of all the extra features a conference call company has to offer. When you choose a professional conference call provider, you will save a substantial amount of time organizing your calls, and have more control over the call. Our unbeatable conference call rates make business conferences and corporate calls affordable.
  • offers a low cost conference call product, serving any businesses needing to put together audio conferences. Our conferencing system offers options to help your business grow. If you are looking for a teleconference provider for audio conference calls, Conferencing For Less, is what your business needs.

Back to top What are the advantages of using a business conference calling company like yours?

  • Great rates. Superior customer service. Simple solution. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service.

Back to top How will my business conference call be billed?

  • Your business conference calls are automatically billed to your credit card at the end of each day that you use the service. We'll send you an email with the details. Your monthly credit card statement will list each day’s conference call totals during the previous billing cycle. For all calls, you will be charged a flat rate, which means you’ll only be billed for the calls you make down to the last minute. 

Back to top Do I have to sign a contract to start a new audio conference call account?

  • Conferencing For Less does not require customers to sign a contract in order to start a new account. It’s simple to start a new account and start using our audio conference call services, all you have to do is fill out our online form and you can begin enjoying your discount audio conference call rates right away. Logon to, the number one audio conference call provider, and sign up today!

Back to top If I don’t use my Business conference calling account for a while, will my account automatically be canceled?

  • Not at all. Your own personal conferencing bridge will be standing by for when you need it again.