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 Back to top How do I start a call?

  • You will have everyone call the toll free or local number you received on your confirmation. The participants will enter the code that you received in your confirmation saying “PARTICIPANT CEC.” The person hosting the call must use the chairperson CEC to begin the call. If the chairperson uses the wrong code the call will not be able to start and everyone will remain on hold.

Back to top Can I use my codes and dial in numbers multiple times?

  • YES. You can use your codes and numbers as many times as you like, whenever the need arises without the need to sign up for new code again.

Back to top What if I lose my codes or dial in numbers?

  • Just call our customer service number or email us and once we validate your account information we will give you the codes.

Back to top Do you offer monthly billing with a paper invoice?

  • Yes. This billing option is available for an additional cost along with the signing of a service agreement.

Back to top Does the account holder pay for all the Participants on the call?

  • Yes.

Back to top Can I utilize both the local and the toll free numbers for my call?

  • Yes. Then we bill accordingly depending on which number the people dial into.

Back to top Do I have to sign up for each conference call?

  • No. We provide reservationless conference calling. You sign up once and the codes and dial in numbers remain yours for all future calls. We do not change them with out your request to do so.

Back to top If I am not in the United States can I still use your service?

  • Yes. If you are not in the US you can still call in on our local number for your conference call.

Back to top Do you provide a local number for out of state clients?

  • No. We only provide a NJ based local number.

Back to top How can I get an idea of how much my conference call will cost me before hand?

  • Add up the number of minutes that the call will last and multiply it by the total number of participants and chairpersons on the call. Then, multiply this number by your rate.

Back to top How can I get additional CEC’s?

  • You may either send an email with your request to our customer service or you may contact our customer service by phone during regular business hours.

Back to top Is there a limit to the number of people I can have on my conference?

  • No.

Back to top How can I get information on setting up a corporate account?

  • You can fill out a form after clicking on Corporate Accounts and a representative will contact you.

Back to top What are your hours of operation?

  • For all phone inquiries we are available Monday thru Friday 8am to 8pm EST. You can email any questions and sign up for new service 24 hours a day.

Back to top What is a Reservationless Conference?

  • This is a call where anyone can set up a conference call without having to speak to an operator. The customer signs up for an account and then is given a phone number to call and entry codes to give out to the participants.

Back to top Do I need to give the participant entry code to those who are dialing in for the conference?

  • Yes. For security reasons, we ask that you provide callers with the participant entry code.

Back to top Where can I get information about all of Conferencing For Less’s services and the associated costs?

  • All of this information can be found on our website. If you can not find the answer you are looking for, click here and we will respond back to you.

Back to top What if I call in late?  Will I be locked out if I don't call in at the beginning?

  • You may call in to the call at any time. Conferencing For Less does not lock anyone out if they arrive late to the call, however, the chairperson does have the option to lock their calls for security reasons.

Back to top How many conferences can I set up?  Can they happen at the same time?

  • There is no limit to the number of calls you can run simultaneously, however you can only hold one conference with the same entry code. If you need additional conferences at the same time, you may register with us for additional entry codes.

Back to top Can I set up a recurring conference? Can I have the same dial-in number and access code every week?

  • An advantage of using Conferencing For Less is that our service is reservationless. You can conduct a conference call the same time each week, without having to go through an operator. You are in control of when your calls are scheduled. Simply inform the participants of when the calls are, have them call their assigned number, enter their participant entry code and they will be admitted to the conference. Once you are assigned a number and participant entry code you can continue using this as many times as you like.

Back to top Can I get a toll-free dial-in number so that my attendees don't have to pay for the long-distance?

  • Yes. We can assign a permanent toll-free number.

Back to top I need to make only one or two calls this month and then will not need the service again. Can I still sign-up?

  • Yes you can. There are no minimums. If you do not wish to use the service you may cancel, however, since you are not charged for non-usage, we recommend you keep the number for any future need that may arise. You can cancel your service by clicking here.

Back to top Can I get Conferencing For Less to bill my firm each month instead of charging my credit card?

  • If you are interested in setting up a corporate account you can click here for instructions on how to do this.

Back to top Is there a setup &/or a cancellation fee?

  • No. There is never a fee to sign up or cancel your subscription.

Back to top How soon can I start making conference calls?

  • Once you give us your information in the New User section you can begin immediately.

Back to top What features are available for the conference call Chairperson?

  • *6 - Mute/Unmute Participant option (individuals can mute their lines)
  • *7 - Mute/Unmute Chairperson (chairperson mutes all lines)
  • *537 - Conference Lock (new participants can not join the call)
  • #1 - Roll Call (play participant name recordings)
  • #2 - Participant Count
  • #7 - Record Conference
  • #9 - Conference Continuation (after Chairperson leaves)

Back to top How do you handle international callers?

  • International callers can dial into your conference call by using a toll number. You can request this in the Sign Up area.

Back to top How can I contact you for support?


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